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Tadeusz Sendzimir

adeusz Sendzimir, (originally spelled Tadeusz Sędzimir), was born on 15 July 1894, and died on 1 September 1989. He came from Cracow nobility of the Ostoja coat of arms, but was born in Lviv, and graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Lviv Polytechnic. He acquired his professional experience in Russia, China (where he founded a factory manufacturing screws, wires and nails in Shanghai) and the United States.

Sendzimir returned to Poland in 1930, and soon afterwards (1932), launched his original rolling mill; a year later, he contributed to constructing in Kostuchna near Katowice a galvanising plant employing the technology of continuous hot-dip galvanising of steel sheets. It became known worldwide as so-called Sendzimir Process. His achievements do not end here – in 1934, at the “Pokój” Steelworks in Ruda Śląska, he implemented another one of his inventions: a method of cold rolling of thin sheet metal in industrial production. Even before the war, Sendzimir’s patents went into use in France, England and the USA.

When World War II broke out, the inventor was on the other side of the Atlantic. In America, he decided to change his name to Sendzimir to avoid problems with its Polish spelling. He never returned to Poland; in exile, he ran his own business, designing machines for metal works. In the US, Sendzimir patented his most famous discovery – the planetary rolling mill (hot rolling). His achievements, which included 120 patented inventions, won him worldwide recognition and a nickname of “Edison of Metallurgy”, putting him among such renowned predecessors as Henry Bessemer or Werner von Siemens.


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